The Sisters of Charity
The Congregation of the Sisters of Charity, is a Belgian foundation and came to

Sri Lanka in 1896. Starting in Galle, Sri Lanka the Sisters have now spread their services to  many parts of the island. Since then the Sisters of Charity have been engaged in many services of care, education and training both of the normal child, the special needs individual and the aged.


The Rosina Nanayakkara Charitable Trust Fund
The RosinaNanayakkara Charitable Trust Fund is a registered Charity No.09/1917/1021 created A.)"to provide financial assistance to needy Sri Lankan students with their education and related expenses and B.) to provide financial assistance to identified institutions that house young mentally challenged individuals with special needs. 

The Rosina Nanaykkara Charitable Trust,  fund

any Sri Lankan child and institute that houses mentally challenged individuals, that meets the criteria as specified in the constitution,irrespective of race, religion, or place of residence. 


The Mentally Challenged in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan mentally challenged Child and young adult (Roughly 4% of the population) continues to be a sector of society that doesn’t have much of a voice and even worse, seem to be taken for granted as “retarded”  or to be looked down upon with sympathy. The families and the Sri Lankan society at large are not equipped to help these children and adults with special needs. 


State funding for educating and caring for children and adults with special needs in Sri Lanka continues to be a low priority.  Although there are several privately run organizations dedicated to caring for such children, LankaSpecialChild focuses only on the centers operated and managed by the Sisters of Charity in Sri Lanka and the work associated with Special Needs adults by the Rosina Nanayakkara CharitableTrust. 

The Sisters of Charity has been one of the leading charities to offer professional assistance and community service to this special sector of the society.   At present there are several such centers – Supem Uyana (Garden of Love) and Daya Mina

(Pool of Love) and Caritas(Love) are three of the first centres operated by the Sisters.   

A Home for the mentally challenged elderly in Sri Lanka - Dayasevana houses special needs seniors.



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