The work initiated in 1965 by the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary (SCJMs)  spearheading the care and educaton of the mentally challenged child in Sri Lanka continues. Our residential and day care service and education and training for these special children in Supem Uyana (Garden of love) was extended and a cottage was built and completed in 2008, specifically for the very young child from economically unstable conditions. It now houses …..…special needs kids of … years of age and below.  Dayamina (Pool of love) continues its services to the children and young adults of the Colombo region and has taken on a leading role in the activities of the Special Girl Guides company of Sri Lanka.  Caritas (love) has moved into more spacious quarters and has expanded and offers a very versatile service to over 200  families of the region.


Two of the more concrete developments of our services over the last one and a half years were the construction of a Home Dayasevana ( Haven of Love) in Kegalle for the Elderly mentally challenged and the acquiring of a permament residence adjacent to Dayamina to house the now growing number of young adults in the cottage based sheltered residential living in Dayanivasa (House of Love).  The former has accommodation for 22 elderly (over 40) mentally challenged adults with suitable recreational and health facilities.  With God’s grace and the contributions and donations made by parents, well wishers and generous donors the project saw completion in March 2010.  As a greater number of the residents will be from low or no income families we hope and pray that you will continue your support to help us continue and maintain this service.
Dayanivasa now has six young adults living independantly of their families monitored by the Sisters of Charity at Dayamina with two “aunts” residing with them.  As this shelterd - group living has proven to be a great success there are calls by other parents to extend this service provided by the Charities.  To honor this the Director has succeeded in acquiring a house nearby and has built a cottage dedicated to young Special Needs individuals who are able to live independant of their families but with monitoring. The cottage is now complete with four young women residing there with a matron and an assistant.


We also take comfort and pride in the continuing work of educating the trainers,  caretakers, parents, neighbors, friends and family of the special needs child.  Many seminars, workshops and gatherings were organized during the last year for this purpose.


I am very grateful to the well wishers and donors who contacted me through the lankaspecialchild website.  We stand humbled at the depth of understanding and appreciation of the commitment of the sisters and other caretakers of these special individuals.  And we raise our hearts in praise and thanks and invoke the Lord’s blessings on you and your loved ones.  We do our utmost to respect the contributions you have made and our service is open for you to see. We appeal to you to continue to be mindful of these special persons and value the contribution they make to our society primarily to evoke simple joy, peace, a sense of contentment and most of all, love in those with whom they come in contact with. Therefore let’s support them where they cannot support themselves.
I am glad to share with you the progress of our services made possible through your generosity.


Sr. Anastasia Perera
The Director, Sisters of Charity Special Needs Projects in Sri Lanka
Registered Charity with the Govt. of Sri Lanka