Meth Mihira situated in Koralawella, Moratuwa was started in 2000. Initially the Sisters started off this centre by visiting families in the neighborhood and helping them by just talking to them about their children and getting them accepted into the mainstream life.

It took form and shape on a needs basis after the 2005 Tsunami when the small community of the Sisters of Charity in Moratuwas who were engaged in caring for the Special Child saw that there were several families with Special  Needs children and young adults who were displaced by the Tsunami.  Thus in 2005 they moved to more spacious buildings and the service has expanded into a full blown Special Education centre.


Meth Mihira operates as a day center for these children and youth with special needs. The purpose of the center is to educate them and their families. Like Supem Uyana and Dayamina the staff at Meth mihira too aim at educating these children young adults to become respected independent individuals by their own right and integrate into the mainstream society wherever possible.



The program at Meth Mihira includes:


- Practical reading/writing, Maths and general knowledge
- Physical exercises and sports
- Speech therapy
- Religion and life education
- Art and craft, sewing, fabric painting
- Music and dancing
- Cookery
- Practical and domestic skills
- Gardening and other skills for self employment
- Parent counseling and education through family visits and parent/sibling association.






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